AC/DC Black Ice Tour: Atlanta

So my ears are still ringing even as I rock out to AC/DC at work. Last night AC/DC rocked Atlanta to a sold out crowd. The set list was the typical set list they've been playing in other cities. The concert started with a mini-movie segment of Angus driving a train, and two very slutty women come into the cab to derail the train. It's chocked full of not-so subtle innuendo and general male humor. Of course I'm not so sure why the women felt it necessary to try and stop the train. They looked like groupies so why they were stopping the train is unexplained. The overt sexual references and general absurdity of the piece had me laughing. Of course it ended in a huge on stage explosion and pyrotechnics display, a huge train smashes through the stage and out pops AC/DC playing their latest "Rock 'N Roll Train". It was an awesome entrance.

Then they followed it up a Bon Scott original "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be". While those are some my favorite AC/DC tunes. I really wanted them to play "It's a Long Way To the Top (If you wanna Rock 'N' Roll)", and Rock 'N' Roll Singer which are probably my favorites. Well that's not true I always have trouble choosing my favorites, but I do play those a lot.

Then they broke out "Back in Black" which I thought they played too early. This is their anthem get your damn hands up, but it definitely got the crowd going. It's hard to pick what they could have shuffled around because it's a solid set, but "Back in Black" is just such a powerful song it's got to be deeper in the set list.

Then "Big Jack" off their new album. Followed by "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" followed by "Thunderstruck" which was my wife's favorite. I do have a warm spot in my heart for "Thunderstruck". Thank god her favorite wasn't "Dirty Deeds".

Then it was back to the new album for "Black Ice", and at this point I thought I'd have to go to the bathroom. But, I stuck it out, and was treated to another movie with "Warmachine". My favorite part was the parachuting women walking on the tank treads. Hilariously.

Then it was back to the hits with "Anything Goes" and "You Shook Me All Night Long" with a flaming model dancing on the screens. Cue the 5 ladies in the audience to jump up and start dancing. While a lot of AC/DC songs are about women I can tell you there aren't many who listen to it. Then it was into T.N.T. which rocked.

Other highlights of the night were Angus' guitar solo a top an elevated stage, and the gigantic inflatable Rosie that road the train during "Whole Lotta Rosie". Finally it was real cannon fire with "For Those About to Rock We Salute You". There was one long encore ending with "Highway to Hell" finishing the nite. I don't know if my ears could take anymore. It rocked them off.