Annoucing: Flexjson for Java 1.5

I recently created a new library for sending Java objects over JSON. It's called Flexjson. Flexjson allows you to control the depth to which you serialize your objects. If you're using libraries like Hibernate for your objects you'll know that many libraries will try to serialize the entire object graph as JSON. This is be a serious performance bottle neck when your object form a connected graph as Hibernate requires. Other libraries force you to manually copy over fields into a seperate object thus creating lots of boiler plate code. Flexjson tries to give you a simple DSL implemented as a normal Java API in order to control with a minimal amount of code what gets translated to JSON.

Check it out: http://flexjson.sourceforge.net

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matt said...

Could you add more instructions for "deserializing" Collections?

e.g. How would one get a List of some pojo object?